Joint Reaction

Patient Information


Referrals should be made to Joint Reaction via letter or email from your general practitioner and then the first appropriate appointment available will be given to you.

If the surgeon you wish to see is away on annual leave, for instance, resulting in a delay in being seen, you will be offered an appointment with another specialist within the group with similar expertise.

We request a referral letter from your general practitioner firstly for ethical reasons and secondly because it is a requirement for most health insurance companies before they will pay for fees charged by your specialist. A GP referral is also important as not only does it keep your general practitioner informed but it also provides background information regarding your medical health including any medication you are on or any allergies you may have.

Surgeon Biographies

The surgeons at Joint Reaction have or have had NHS consultancies at Frimley Park Hospital on the Surrey/Hants border. We spend part of our time providing a 24 hour trauma service as well as elective surgery for the 360,000 inhabitants of our local area.

Joint Reaction is a private orthopaedic and sports injury clinic that allows us to manage insured and self funding patients in the same unified manner to offer rapid and expert service.