Joint Reaction


A General Practitioner referral letter is not required, and you can choose which consultant you would like to see or you can speak to the Practice Manager who will be able to give you more information on the Joint Reaction Consultants.

Our main hospital is Clare Park where we have our own Joint Reaction Suite. However, members of Joint Reaction also consult at other local private hospitals and you can speak to the individual Consultant Secretary who will be able to discuss other hospitals where you could be seen.

MRI scanning can be useful in diagnosing orthopaedic problems. In many cases clinical examination aided by x-rays may be enough to diagnose the problem.

Many orthopaedic problems simply require physiotherapy to help resolve them. However, there are many conditions, such as advanced arthritis, that are not helped by physiotherapy or other complementary therapies and in these cases we would discuss surgical options at the time of the initial consultation.

Joint Reaction surgeons operate at Spire Clare Park Hospital, Frimley Park Hospital, the Guildford Nuffield Hospital, The Woking Nuffield Hospital, Mount Alvernia Hospital, the Hampshire Clinic and the Princess Margaret Hospital Windsor. Your Consultant’s secretary will be able to discuss with you the choice of hospitals you will have.

Private health insurance is not required. Increasing numbers of people are self funders for both inpatient and outpatient treatments. If surgery is required and you are not insured, then a fixed price quote can be given by the hospital. Your Consultant Secretary will be able to guide you through the fixed price package process and obtain a quote for you.

It is possible to transfer to the NHS at any stage of your treatment. However, no priority is given to you over other NHS patients. You will need to ask your General Practitioner to refer you to an NHS Service.

We aim to keep our fees within insurance company guidelines so you do not find you have a ‘gap’ to pay. Self paying outpatient fees are published on our website. You would need a quote from the treating hospital for any inpatient fees.

This obviously varies on the type of surgery performed. But to be discharged you must be fully mobile, self caring and able to walk up and down stairs safely. The final decision on discharge is made via the nursing staff, physiotherapist and treating consultant.

Joint Reaction has links with many groups of local physiotherapists. It is usually more appropriate to be treated by your local physiotherapist as this avoids long journeys in the post operative period.

This depends upon the type of surgery performed, but will generally be between 2 and 6 weeks. Follow up appointments are made by the secretary of your treating consultant.