Joint Reaction


We formed Joint Reaction to allow our private patients to have the advantages of the team approach we can achieve within the NHS. We offer a unified service for assessment, appropriate investigation, advice and treatment for your orthopaedic problems.

We are able to offer rapid assessment, diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries as well as treatment of arthritis problems using such new techniques as hip resurfacing and minimal access unicompartmental knee replacement. We work closely with several groups of physiotherapists and run joint clinics with them.

Referrals can be made, via your general practitioner, directly to any specialist in the group but can also be made to Joint Reaction and we will then arrange for you to be seen by the specialist with the most appropriate expertise for your problem. We offer a comprehensive, first class service for patients with orthopaedic problems.

The objectives of Joint Reaction can be summarised as follows:
To provide rapid appointments with a member of the team, allowing fast assessment and advice

To deliver specialist advice in the field of sports medicine and orthopaedic surgery

To offer a multi-disciplinary approach between surgery and physiotherapy. This allows us to provide patients with a range of operative and non operative treatments

To offer standard protocols and treatment with audited results

To offer ongoing education for general practitioners, physiotherapists, nurses and other allied health professionals