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26th February 2020

Covid-19 Update

Joint Reaction

Covid-19 Update

As the numbers of patients with Covid 19 are currently very low in this area we are continuing to increase our private capacity for consultations and surgery.

We  have been offering face to face consultations in outpatients for the last 6 weeks and this is going to continue. When a consultation is booked you will be contacted by the hospital the day before to be asked some questions about your current health. At the entrance to the hospital your temperature will be taken and you will be given a mask to wear whilst on the premises. All staff in the hospital will be wearing masks as well. There will be gaps between each consultation so the room can be cleaned prior to the next patient’s arrival.

If however, you would like to have a video consultation we are able to offer that as well. This may be appropriate for follow ups after scans when examination has already been done at the first consultation. If you would like a video consultation please discuss with our secretaries.

The radiology department is working normally and we can now book and perform X rays, CT scans and MRI scans.

We are now able to perform injections and aspirations in the out patients department. We are using treatment rooms for this and all injections will need to be booked to a specific time slot so the room can be thoroughly cleaned after the procedure has been performed. This may mean you will need to come back on another day for a steroid injection, if it is required, rather than doing it there and then in the consultation room.

Currently all the private hospitals are fully contracted to the NHS until the end of August. They are being used to treat NHS patients who have had their care delayed due to the elective surgery closures which were necessary to enable the NHS hospitals to have adequate capacity to deal with the Covid 19 outbreak.

From September they will be using the private hospitals less and there will be increased capacity for private work.  This will not be back to normal but should be significantly increased from where we are today. We should then be able to offer dates for elective inpatient surgery although capacity will be an issue for several months yet.

Obviously this is an evolving situation and as we know more about how and when we can return to full activity we will update the website.

Author – Hugh Chissell